Element - October-November 2014 - A-Mei, Rene Mayo and Sufian Azais (Asia)

On Thursday, October 30th - Singapore: Court of Appeal rules that Section 377A that criminalises sex between men is constitutional.

On the same day, ELEMENT launched a massive awareness campaign led by Mandopop Superstar A-mei, continued to call for greater social acceptance towards LGBT community here in Singapore and the region.

Yusuke Ohtsuka (Japanese, Hong Kong)
Rene Mayo (Filipino, Singapore)
Benny Le (Vietnamese, Bangkok)
Jerome Chan (Singaporean, Singapore)
Sufian Azais (Malaysian, Singapore)
Tian Tian (Singaporean, Shanghai)
Harry Fang (Chinese, Shanghai)
Whyan Chen (Taiwanese, Taiwan)

"No matter where we are, rainbow is the colour of our skin."

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