Cosmopolitan - July 2014 - Katy Perry (UK)

Katey Perry talks Russel B, sex droughts and Beyonce!

Body confidence! The article that will change how you look at yourself!

The orgasm doctor will see you now..
Hollywood's new sex trend is coming your way!

How to mend a broken heart in 2 days!

Illustrado - June-August 2014 (Philippines)

Democracy or democrazy?

Crab mentality an STD!

Speaking in tongues are multi-linguals more marketable?

My Pinoy life in Houston!

Fashion: Imeldifique

Rule: #PhilippineIndepenced

Fit Pregnancy - June-July 2014 - Stacy Keibler (USA)

Newlywed mom-to-be Stacy Keibler "When you're with the right person, everything changes."

FHM - July 2014 - Rochelle Pangilinan (Philippines)

The ultimate 100 sexiest new skin + future hall-of-famers!

Warning: You are now a selfie addict (serious bro, only girls are allowed to be one!)

Inside our little private scandal with Rocelle!

This package includes instructions on how to grow your money, tell a joke, last in bed, do wheelies, wear jackets, drink vodka, be pogi. Period!

Metro Society - June 2014 - Conrad Onglao and Zsa Zsa Padila (Philippines)

The elusive architect comes out of his low-key lifestyle hand in hand with one of showbiz's more enduring divas!

Beautiful Homes from Southeast Asia's Influential Designers!

I Fitness - Volume 15 - Rene Mayo (Singapore)

Beat the heat with Rene Mayo!

Bosu ball exercises for legs!

Attitude - July 2014 - Thom Evans (UK)

Thom Evans in L.A. hot, sexy and wet!

Brazil: Where a gay person is murdered every day + are homophobic attacks on the rise in the UK?

Men's Health - June 2014 - Fabio Ide (Philippines)

Hard muscle fast!

She wants to send you sexy selfies! #BetterSexTonight

The town that football built!